Mission And Values

Aim & Objective of the Bapu Vigyan Bikash Trust

Aim and objects of the Trust is understanding, exploring and expanding Science through research and education as well as Social welfare.

To achieve the aforesaid main objects, the Trust shall undertake the following activities -

1. To do all acts and things calculated to facilitate the charitable, social, cultural, educational. vocational, scientific and economic services of the TRUST

2. To promote information dissemination and undertake advisory services and data processing, etc.

3. To give consultancy / services to the needy organizations/Government public sector undertakings
public sector lnstitution by utilizing the experts of the lnstitutions on payment.

4. To carry out research and development in different fields.

5. To establish, maintain and develop libraries, reading rooms and publishing section for publication of books, journals, magazines booklets etc

6. To undertake relief measures in aid of the distressed people affected by natural calamities or in other ways or to rehabilitate them and make them self-dependant through income -generating schemes

7. To establish Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Leprosy Rehabilitation centers, short stay homes war widow, Widowers, Aged hapless and people in distress to enjoy the sweetness and significance of their rife and help, their rehabilitation through counseling and training.

Download Full trust Deed to know more about Bapu Vigyan Bikash Trust

Mission of Academy

Centre for nature conservation and biosafety (CNCB) Academy of Science and Technology is determined to make itself a small but valuable contributor in nation building by promoting development of scientific temperament, independent thinking and human values among its students to study, understand and use science for everyday life as well as conservation of nature with a sustainable, biologically safety approach for healthy human life

Our Motto: “Conserve Nature through Commercialization and appropriate artificial propagation”

Our Input: +2 pass science Students → Our Output: Leaders as Scientific entrepreneurs, Scientists, Teachers and Scientific Technicians with good human value and love for science.

Our Target: To solve real life problems of our society through multidisciplinary live research conducted by our students with guidance from our faculty, national and international collaborators and well-wishers.


  • Love for Self, Science, Nature, Nation and Society
  • Integrity in Academics and personal life
  • Inculcate Love for inquisitiveness, out of the box thinking and problem Solving
  • Fostering scientific entrepreneurship & Innovation to alleviate surrounding human sufferings.