Botany, the science of plants is one of the major source of life and survivability of animal kingdom. To identify, maintain, propagate and sustainably exploit the friends with/without chlorophyll for the benefit of human is the main aim of our department. Here we will try to understand the basic science behind the plants and it’s utility to human society and will find the procedure for their application in a sustainable and commercial way. The department offers courses in Undergraduate (+3 science) Honors with 20 (Twenty) seats. Selection of students on the basis of merit which is executed through e-admission process of DHE, Govt. of Odisha.

The Department is involved in undergraduate teaching with additional research Programs. Collaborative research activities are also going on with different Universities and reputed research institutes in India and abroad. The faculty members are highly sincere, dynamic, dedicated, innovative, co-operative and friendly for maximizing strong output in academics and research.

Various arenas of research works include algal culture, plant tissue culture, grafting technique, phytopathology (fungal) and field tour to study biodiversity of different rich bio habitats of Odisha.

Research project:

Effect of some local plant extracts on growth and production of green gram and vegetable crops.


  • Paddy straw mushroom production using paddy straw and other waste materials as substrate
  • Spawn preparation of paddy straw mushroom using wheat grain.
  • Aquaponics of mint herbs. Aquaponic is a combination of aquaculture,which is growing fish and other aquatic animals and hydroponic ,which is growing plant without soil.
  • New plantlets produce by using rooting hormone. First selected a disease free explant from mother plant,remove all the leaves ,explant dip in rooting hormone before planting. Vegetative Propagation means a new plant can grow , from a fragment or cutting of the mother plant. This method is used to produce larger number of plantlets in smaller time.