The study of chemistry is not only intellectually rewarding but also rewarding in the practical sense. Nanotechnology , Gene-editing , Click- Chemistry, Lithium-ion battery - to name a few contemporary achievements-all owe their existence to fundamental research in chemistry.
The Department of Chemistry, CNCB Academy of Science & Technology plays a commendable role in the advancement of Chemistry learning and generating research facilities in a rural area. The department is engaged in undergraduate teaching and additional research programs. Collaborative research activities are also going on with intra- and inter-departmental faculty members of this college, Universities and research institutes in India and abroad. Our faculty members are highly sincere, innovative, collaborative and student friendly for strong output in academics. The areas of taught courses and research that comprise this department include Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical & theoretical branches of Chemistry following Utkal University curriculum. The Department has incarnated the Institute's mission of excellence in both research and teaching to achieve the goal nature conservation through commercialization of local environmental components; both biological and non-biological. Besides teaching, our qualified and highly energetic faculty members of the Department are contributing a lot to elevate the prestige of the institute through their research activities of international standard involving the graduate students, opening a plethora of opportunities for students in future. The department offers courses in Undergraduate (+3 science) Honors with 20 (Twenty) seats.

The main aim of the department: Be a globally recognized department in scientific and technical education through research, value-based teaching, out of box thinking, innovative research and producing quality human resources for its utilization to fulfill the technological and socio-economic need of industry, government and society.