u Geology



With a vision for a better, sustainable and beautiful, energetic planet in forefront the Department of Geology, Welcomes you all, those who have keen interest to excel in their studies and research through advance knowledge in Earth system Science. Geologists play key roles in the search and extraction of mineral deposits, coal, petroleum and even building materials. Exclusive mission of the Department of Geology is to provide knowledge in both pure and applied science, bestow within the society through inspired teaching and innovative research, and become a leading department in the country. We are offering undergraduate (+3 science) Honors in Geology (26 seats). Here, we train students with well-equipped laboratories, library facility and field tour to fill their anxiety of learning within them through discovery. Fundamental understanding about the planet, ocean-atmosphere and related features, structure-composition and tectonic activities always encouraged. So for the shake of our mother Earth, our development should be in a sustainable way. We hope the students after the completion of graduate degree occupy a leadership position in every sector in future.

We will provide the best possible training on Geology, which will make them capable to look forward in life in creating employment opportunities.

Research projects:

1. Role of Physical and Chemical properties of soil in green gram production
2. Ground water Quality estimation by different method

Future projects:

1. Ocean circulation and acidification and its impact on climate
2. Heavy mineral analysis