1. Stochastic Dynamics in Cellular Processes
2. Non-linear Dynamics
3. Quantum Computation
4. GTR and Cosmology


The backbone of the advancement of the society is science and basic science like physics plays the most important role. Hence for the motivated student physics provides a great opportunity to demonstrate creativity and be successfully well established in life. The department of physics emphasises on pedagogy through research and critical thinking to provide a strong foundation needed to produce scientists and researchers of high competence. We aspire that in furure our students work in world-class projects like James Webb Space Telescope(JWST), in frontier research areas such as genetics to tackle diseases like Alzheimers, quantum computers, Machine Learning in Physics etc.


Physics cannot exist without experiment and the department fully appreciates it. Hence we give due importance to laboratory work and we are constantly striving to make our laboratory even better. We also understand the importance of programming language in physics and in other fields. Hence to prepare our students for the future, we make sure that by the time the students graduate they are skilled in languages such as C/C++/Python .


The faculty members will be giving rigorous training so that at the end of the programme the students have a very good foundation as well as advanced knowledge in physics. Seminars by the faculty members on advanced contemporary topics , introduction to physics journals through projects , seminars by students , regular assignments to prepare for MSc entrance exams etc are a part of the training process for the students.

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